Main objectives of the managerial workshops:


These workshops teach how to effectively conduct sales coaching with the employee/employees. During a two-day training course the manager learns the coaching stages, trains them based on their professional reality, and builds a sales development plan taking into consideration chosen areas. Every participant leaves the training equipped with a ready-to-use tool – an instruction on how to conduct coaching on their own.  It is recommended that the manager conducting sales coaching independently undergo at least one supervision session with the Trainer.


After the entire coaching process participants will know how to:

  1. Conduct all stages of sales coaching on their own.
  2. Conduct a coaching meeting with the entire employee team.
  3. Provide constructive coaching feedback.
  4. Plan a sales skills development process for each employee.
  5. Complete a contract with the employee based on monitoring and sales results control.

Main objectives of the sales workshops:


These are workshops of the on-the-job training type focused on particular sales areas whose aim is to generate profit. A two-day training course can be attended by a maximum of three employees and it happens in their work environment of working with clients. The trainer then conducts the observation and immediately corrects the implementation process.  Such workshops guarantee high effectiveness of the development of both sales skills and business performance.


After the workshops participants will know how to:

  1. Use proven and effective sales methods.
  2. Monitor sales in a particular area.
  3. Serve clients faster with better sales results.
  4. Develop their own sales skills potential.


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